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Poker Social Circle | Responsible Social Gaming Policy

At Poker Social Circle, we are committed to promoting responsible social gaming, underpinned by our dedication to customer care and social responsibility. We strive to provide an enjoyable gaming experience on our platform, with a focus on maintaining control to avoid the potential risks associated with online gaming.

Improved Gameplay Controls:

  • You can't get real money on our website! Let the gameplay be enjoyable and balanced.
  • Keep track of your playing time so that it remains part of a balanced lifestyle.
  • Use our game management tools to self-assess and take necessary breaks.

Tips for advanced players:

  • Make sure your game is a personal, independent choice.
  • Familiarize yourself with the rules of the game for a better gaming experience.
  • Avoid gaming if it negatively affects your daily life, recovery process.

Extended support for problem games:

If you're having trouble playing games, our detailed self-assessment will help you identify problematic patterns. For further support, contact organizations such as Computer Gaming Addicts Anonymous (CGAA). Note: The CGAA operates independently and is not affiliated with Poker Social Circle.

Additional resources for support include:

  • Gamblers Anonymous: A community of people who share their experiences to solve their common problem and help others recover from gambling problems.
  • National Council on Problem Gambling: Offers support and resources for people suffering from gambling addiction in the United States.

For any account-related questions, our dedicated support team is here to help. Contact us at [email protected] to create a safe and responsible gaming environment.

Comprehensive Player Protection Policy:

Protecting minors in the digital age is crucial. We encourage parents to use all available tools to prevent children from being exposed to inappropriate content.

We promote a balance between gaming and other aspects of life. Responsible gaming at Poker Social Circle is about ensuring the well-being and satisfaction of our community.

If you have any feedback or concerns about our responsible gaming policy, please do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected].